Animal Assisted Therapy In Children


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    Animal Assisted Therapy In Children


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    Judul : Animal Assisted Therapy In Children

    Penulis : Arif Rohman Mansur

    Sinopsis Buku :

    We are excited to share “Animal Assisted Therapy in Children,” a book that explores how animals can help in the therapy and recovery of children. This book came about from seeing firsthand how animals naturally help children heal and feel better emotionally. When children interact with therapy animals, they often make big strides in both their mental and physical health, showing just how important animals can be in therapy.

    This book is a complete guide to Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) — from its history to how it works today, and the different animals that are effective in these roles. It’s meant to give therapists, educators, and caregivers the basic knowledge and practical tips they need to include AAT in their usual practices.

    The book is organized to help both beginners and experienced professionals. Each chapter carefully explains the science behind AAT, how to put it into practice, and the important ethical points to consider. We use detailed analysis and real-life examples to show the many benefits and the powerful impact of working with animals in therapy.

    As you read this book, we encourage you to think deeply about how animal companionship can be used to improve therapy for children. We hope this book not only gives you information but also inspires you to use AAT in various settings to help kids.

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